Question: Can A Heating Pad Cause Skin Discoloration?

Toasted skin syndrome, known as erythema ab igne or EAI, is caused by exposure to heat, although it is not a burn.

Simply avoid contact with the heat source.

Eventually toasted skin will fade, but the discoloration could last for months.

Can you get skin cancer from a heating pad?

The most common complication reported from heating pad use is skin burns. Indeed, there are several case reports of associated Merkel cell and squamous cell skin cancer development in areas of EAI (Br J Dermatol. 1993;28:591-592 and J Am Acad Dermatol. 1998;39:882-887).

Is toasted skin syndrome permanent?

Luckily, although toasted skin syndrome is an ugly symptom, it’s not serious. Although it is not considered a burn, toasted skin syndrome is caused by prolonged or repeated skin exposure to heat or infrared radiation, whether mild or moderate.

How do you get rid of erythema IGNE?


The first-line treatment for erythema ab igne is to stop exposure to the offending heat source. The hyperpigmentation may slowly fade over several years. Cosmetic treatments such as laser therapy and depigmenting creams can be tried for persistent hyperpigmentation.

What is toasted skin syndrome?

Toasted skin syndrome: A popular term for a hyperpigmented skin rash that appears after exposure to heat, such as from heating pad use or from holding a laptop computer on the thighs while working.