Is Fatigue A Sign Of Cancer Recurrence?

Fatigue tends to worsen with the progression of cancer and its, treatment, and can be one of the first indicators of the presence or recurrence of cancer.

In advanced cancer and among long-term cancer survivors, fatigue is a commonly enduring symptom after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Is fatigue a sign of cancer?

Pain and tiredness

Unexplained fatigue may be another symptom of cancer. It’s actually one of the most common symptoms. Tiredness that doesn’t seem to go away despite adequate sleep could be a symptom of an underlying health problem — cancer is just one possibility.

What type of cancer causes fatigue?

With leukemia and lymphoma, cancer cells in the bone marrow can interfere with the normal production of blood cells. This can lead to anemia, and anemia can then lead to fatigue. And some cancers even secrete substances known as cytokines, which in turn can cause fatigue.

What are the signs of cancer coming back?

Distant recurrence

A distant (metastatic) recurrence means the cancer has traveled to distant parts of the body, most commonly the bones, liver and lungs. Signs and symptoms include: Persistent and worsening pain, such as chest or bone pain. Persistent cough.

Is tiredness a symptom of breast cancer?

Fatigue is a common and frequently disabling symptom in cancer patients and cancer survivors. Fatigue is also often a presenting symptom at cancer diagnosis. Specific to breast cancer, fatigue is reported by a substantial majority of patients during their initial treatment (surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy).