Question: What Is A Good 5 Day Workout Routine?

A typical split would be like this:

  • Day 1: Legs/Abs.
  • Day 2: Chest.
  • Day 3: Back/Abs*
  • Day 4: Rest.
  • Day 5: Shoulder/Abs*
  • Day 6: Arms.
  • Day 7: Rest.

Is it good to workout 5 days a week?

Working out 5 days a Week isn’t bad. In fact if you are a beginner, with not a heavy Gym schedule you should definitely workout a minimum 5 days a week to keep yourself in shape. Exercise Distribution: You need to make sure that you don’t train the same body part on the consecutive day.

What parts of workout should I do everyday?

The Split:

  1. Monday- Chest, Arms, Cardio.
  2. Tuesday- Back, Shoulders.
  3. Wednesday- Legs, Abs, Neck.
  4. Thursday- Chest, Arms, Cardio.
  5. Friday- Back, Shoulders.
  6. Saturday- Legs, Abs, Neck.
  7. Sunday- Rest Day.

Is it better to do a full body workout everyday?

Frequency of Full Body Workout

That’s why the NSCA recommends taking at least one day between resistance training workouts when you train the same muscle groups. With that in mind, doing a full body workout every day is not in your best interest.

What does a 5 day split mean?

Heavy-Duty 5-Day Split Weights Program. Split routines in weight training refer to the allocation of training to various body regions and muscle groups in a workout. Usually, this is done different days of the week but might be done in different sessions of a single day if you train more than once each day.