Question: Why Is Google Unreliable?

Is Google reliable?

Google, by itself, is just a search engine.

Google is not a source, as all it does is search through hundreds of millions of websites.

Google cannot be a ‘reliable source’, as it does not have any of it’s own information.

Asking if google is reliable would be like asking if your local library is reliable.

Is Google ever wrong?

Google is an Internet search engine. So basically Google isn’t answering your question, it is serving you relevant websites and content which might answer your query , which implies that Google itself isn’t wrong !

Is Google always accurate?

/ Why Google Isn’t Always Right Subscribe. Google can be wrong. Google spends its resources scouring the Web trying to predict what will be the most relevant content to show users for their 3.5 billion searches per day. Usually, Google’s guesses are accurate, but sometimes they’re not.

Is Google a trusted source?

Google is now a more trusted source of news than the websites it aggregates. Online search engines have overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source for general news and information, according to a global survey of 27,000 people by Edelman, a public relations firm.